Technical Associate’s Degree in Digital Design.

Ministerial Decree 0254/15

Course length: 3 years
Monday to Thursday, 1:40 pm to 7:30 pm
Ingreso 2025
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Jueves 10 de agosto
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Jueves 8 de agosto
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Digital Design is the creative discipline that has developed the most over the last few years in the labour market. From this point of view, our students’ education is oriented to prepare skilled professionals that are able to perform according to the demands of present day design and digital media. Instituto Belgrano’s training is efficient and makes interdisciplinary work possible. Graduates are qualified to work with Publishers, Marketing professionals, Architects, Industrial and Graphic designers, Audiovisual Communication professionals, Video Game designers, Cinema professionals and Programmers.

Job Prospects

» Industrial, architectural, and character 3D design.

» 3D layout design.

» Human figure models, products and settings; material simulation achieving images and videos.

» Website layout and programming.

» Audiovisual layout and development.

» Cinema, publishing and videogame 3D-character animation.

» Visual effects.

» Graphic design.

Competitive advantages

» All degrees at IB have official approval and national validation.

» When it comes to the educational outlooks providing the rationale behind our programmes, theoretical contents are thoroughly developed and combined with a wide range of hands-on tasks, assignments and case studies.

» IB encourages teamwork development, professional practice and internships.

» IB favours any and all activities that improve academic work. Specialists’ lectures, seminars and workshops, and interaction with other courses allow students to experience both professional and work-related contexts.