Technical Associate’s Degree in Occupational Safety and Health.

Ministerial Decree 0217/07

Course length: 3 years
Monday to Friday, 5 pm to 9 pm
University Articulation Agreements: Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Safety Management (UTN)
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At times when both industries and companies seek to achieve the best quality in their products or services, Occupational Safety and Health studies prove not only necessary but paramount.
Our graduates are skillfully trained to become active members in any organisation - protecting workers’ lives and psychophysical health, preserving material assets, tools and machinery at companies and industries.

Job Prospects

» Monitoring equipment and facilities.

» Detecting unsafe conditions and behaviours, unhygienic spaces, contaminated areas and contaminating elements in order to correct or eradicate them.

» Working both in public or private sectors

» Working as external advisers to companies through a portfolio of clients.

» Providing companies with professional advice under an employment contract relationship, at Safety and Health Departments.

» Training workers on specific work hazards, according to the activity they perform in the industry.

» Designing campaigns related to safety, hygiene and environmental needs.

» Working at Labour Risk Insurance Companies, within prevention areas, as members of a company's Safety and Health Service.

» Assessing work environments to control or eliminate risks related to lighting, ventilation, radiation, thermal load, noise, fire, and transportation.

Competitive advantages

» IB allows graduates to have immediate access to a professional licence, thanks to the agreement held with the Association of Master Builders and Technicians (Province of Santa Fe).

» All degrees at IB have official approval and national validation.

» When it comes to the educational outlooks providing the rationale behind our programmes, theoretical contents are thoroughly developed and combined with a wide range of hands-on tasks, assignments and case studies.

» IB encourages teamwork development, professional practice and internships.

» IB favours any and all activities that improve academic work. Educational trips, specialists’ lectures, seminars and interaction with other courses allow students to experience both professional and work-related context.